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Song Title  (date added to archives)Artist Name
AAfter The Fox  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Air That I Breathe, The  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Albert Common Is Dead  (2012/09/16)Blues Magoos
All I Have To Do Is Dream  (2012/09/16)Everly Brothers
All Summer Long  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
All This And More  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Alone Again Naturally  (2012/09/16)O'Sullivan, Gilbert
Alone Again Or  (2012/09/16)Love
Along Comes Mary  (2012/09/16)Association
And More  (2012/09/16)Love
Andmoreagain  (2012/09/16)Love
Annie Fanny  (2012/09/16)Kingsmen
Another Night  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Another Saturday Night  (2010/10/21)Cooke, Sam
Anyone Who Had A Heart  (2012/09/16)Warwick, Dionne
Anyway You Want It  (2012/09/16)Clark, Dave, Five
Aquarius - Let The Sunshine In  (2012/09/16)5th Dimension
Are You Ready  (2012/09/16)Association
As  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
As Tears Go By  (2004/08/04)Rolling Stones
BBaby Come Back  (2012/09/16)Equals
Baby, The Rain Must Fall  (2012/09/16)Yarbrough, Glenn
Baby Workout  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
Back In Love Again  (2012/09/16)Buckinghams
Back Stabbers  (2012/09/16)O'Jays
Backstage (I'm Lonely)  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Ball Of Confusion  (2005/03/20)Temptations
Barefoot in Baltimore  (2012/09/16)Strawberry Alarm Clock
Be Nice To Me  (2012/09/16)Rundgren, Todd
Beat The Clock  (2012/09/16)McCoys
Beautiful  (2012/09/16)Lightfoot, Gordon
Because  (2012/09/16)Clark, Dave, Five
Beggin'  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Bell Bottom Blues  (2012/09/16)Clapton, Eric
Bella Linda  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Bernadette  (2012/09/16)Four Tops
Betcha By Golly, Wow  (2012/09/16)Stylistics
Big Girls Don't Cry  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Big Man In Town  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Bird Dog  (2012/09/16)Everly Brothers
Bits And Pieces  (2012/09/16)Clark, Dave, Five
Black Is Black  (2012/09/16)Los Bravos
Blistered  (2012/09/16)Association
Blue Angel  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Blue Bayou  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Blues' Theme  (2012/09/16)Allan, Davie
Boogaloo Down Broadway  (2005/03/20)Fantastic Johnny C.
Boredom  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Break Away  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do  (2012/09/16)Sedaka, Neil
Bummer In The Summer  (2012/09/16)Love
Bus Stop  (2012/09/16)Hollies
But It's Alright  (2012/09/16)Jackson, J.J.
Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
CC'mon Marianne  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Calendar Girl  (2012/09/16)Sedaka, Neil
California Dreamin'  (2012/09/16)Mamas and The Papas
California Girls  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
California Nights  (2012/09/16)Gore, Lesley
Call Me (Come Back Home)  (2012/09/16)Green, Al
Can I Change My Mind  (2012/09/16)Davis, Tyrone
Can't Take My Eyes Off You  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Can't You See That She's Mine  (2012/09/16)Clark, Dave, Five
Candy Girl  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Caroline, No  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Carrie-Anne  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Castle, The  (2012/09/16)Love
Catch Us If You Can  (2012/09/16)Clark, Dave, Five
Change Is Gonna Come, A  (2010/10/21)Cooke, Sam
Changes  (2012/09/16)Association
Cheaper To Keep Her  (2012/09/16)Taylor, Johnny
Cheater, The  (2012/09/16)Kuban, Bob, and The In-Men
Cherish  (2012/09/16)Association
Christmas Camel, A  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Claustrophobia  (2007/05/26)Bee Gees
Close To Cathy  (2012/09/16)Clifford, Mike
Coconut Grove  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Colored Balls Falling  (2012/09/16)Love
Come On Back  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Concrete And Clay  (2012/09/16)Unit Four plus Two
Conquistador  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Cool Change  (2012/09/16)Little River Band
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love  (2012/09/16)Spinners
Couldn't I Just Tell You  (2012/09/16)Rundgren, Todd
Count Me In  (2012/09/16)Lewis, Gary, and The Playboys
Crawling Back  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Creeque Alley  (2012/09/16)Mamas and The Papas
Crimson And Clover  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
Crucifiction Lane  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Cruisin' Music  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Cry  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Cry Like A Baby  (2012/09/16)Box Tops
Cryin' To Be Heard  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Crying  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Crying In The Rain  (2012/09/16)Everly Brothers
Crystal Blue Persuasion  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
DD.W. Washburn  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Daddy  (2012/09/16)Steely Dan
Daily Planet, The  (2012/09/16)Love
Dance, Dance, Dance  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Dancing In The Moonlight  (2012/09/16)King Harvest
Darlin'  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Darling Be Home Soon  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Dawn (Go Away)  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Daydream  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Daydream Believer  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Days of Pearly Spencer  (2012/09/16)McWilliams, David
Dead Man's Curve  (2012/09/16)Jan and Dean
Dear Eloise  (2012/09/16)Hollies
December's Boudoir  (2012/09/16)Nyro, Laura
Dedicated To The One I Love  (2012/09/16)Mamas and The Papas
Desiree  (2012/09/16)Left Banke
Devil Came From Kansas  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Devoted To You  (2012/09/16)Everly Brothers
Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)  (2012/09/16)Delfonics
Dirty Old Man  (2012/09/16)Fugs
Dirty Water  (2012/09/16)Standells
Do Right Woman - Do Right Man  (2012/09/16)Franklin, Aretha
Do You Believe In Magic  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Do You Know The Way To San Jose  (2012/09/16)Warwick, Dionne
Doggin' Around  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
Don't Blame It On Me  (2012/09/16)Association
Don't Bring Me Down  (2012/09/16)Animals
Don't Go To Strangers  (2012/09/16)Beau Brummels
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  (2012/09/16)Animals
Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long  (2012/09/16)Myddle Class
Don't Look Back  (2012/09/16)Remains
Don't Make Me Over  (2012/09/16)Warwick, Dionne
Don't Say You Don't Remember  (2012/09/16)Bremers, Beverly
Don't Sleep In The Subway  (2012/09/16)Clark, Petula
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Don't Think Twice  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Don't Throw Your Love Away  (2012/09/16)Searchers
Don't Want To Say Goodbye  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Don't Worry Baby  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Don't You Care  (2012/09/16)Buckinghams
Doo Wah Diddy Diddy  (2012/09/16)Manfred Mann
Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)  (2012/09/16)Swingin' Medallions
Downtown  (2012/09/16)Clark, Petula
Drag City  (2012/09/16)Jan and Dean
Draggin' The Line  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Dream Goes on Forever, A  (2012/09/16)Rundgren, Todd
Drift Away  (2012/09/16)Gray, Dobie
Drivin' Around  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
EE Street Shuffle, The  (2012/09/16)Springsteen, Bruce
Ecstasy  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Eight Men, Four Women  (2012/09/16)Wright, O.V.
Elenore  (2012/09/16)Turtles
Enter The Young  (2012/09/16)Association
Every Breath I Take  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Everybody Loves A Clown  (2012/09/16)Lewis, Gary, and The Playboys
Everyday With You Girl  (2012/09/16)Classics IV
Everyone's Gone To The Moon  (2012/09/16)King, Jonathan
Everything That Touches You  (2012/09/16)Association
Evol-Not Love  (2012/09/16)Five Americans
Expressway To Your Heart  (2007/07/02)Soul Survivors
FFirst Of May  (2005/07/05)Bee Gees
Five O' Clock World  (2012/09/16)Vogues
Flowers On The Wall  (2012/09/16)Statler Brothers
Fool For You  (2012/09/16)Impressions
(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People  (2012/09/16)Chi Lites
Forty Thousand Headmen  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Friends  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Friends Of Mine  (2012/09/16)Zombies
From All Over The World  (2012/09/16)Jan and Dean
Fun, Fun, Fun  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
GGeorgia  (2012/09/16)Scaggs, Boz
Get On Up  (2012/09/16)Esquires
Get Out Now  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
Get Together  (2012/09/16)Youngbloods
Girl Come Running  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Girl I Knew Somewhere, The  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Girl Like You, A  (2012/09/16)Rascals
Girls On The Beach  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Give Her Lovin'  (2012/09/16)Kingsmen
Go All The Way  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Go Now!  (2012/09/16)Moody Blues
God Bless The Child  (2012/09/16)Blood, Sweat and Tears
God Only Knows  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Goin' Out Of My Head  (2012/09/16)Little Anthony and The Imperials
Going All The Way  (2005/03/20)Squires
Goldfinger  (2012/09/16)Barry, John
Good Captain Clack  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This,
Good Life, The  (2012/09/16)Bennett, Tony
Good Lovin'  (2012/09/16)Rascals
Good Thing  (2012/09/16)Revere, Paul, and The Raiders
Good Vibrations  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Goodbye Columbus  (2012/09/16)Association
Green Grass  (2012/09/16)Lewis, Gary, and The Playboys
Groovin'  (2012/09/16)Rascals
Guide For The Married Man  (2012/09/16)Turtles
Gypsies Tramps And Thieves  (2012/09/16)Cher
Gypsy Woman  (2012/09/16)Impressions
HHalf Heaven - Half Heartache  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Hand Me Down World  (2005/03/22)Guess Who
Hands on You  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen  (2012/09/16)Sedaka, Neil
Happy Together  (2012/09/16)Turtles
Hats Off To Larry  (2012/09/16)Shannon, Del
Have You Ever Loved Somebody  (2012/09/16)Searchers
Have You Seen Her  (2012/09/16)Chi Lites
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Heart Full Of Soul  (2012/09/16)Yardbirds
Hello It's Me  (2007/05/26)Nazz
Hello It's Me  (2012/09/16)Rundgren, Todd
Help Me Girl  (2012/09/16)Animals
Here I Go Again  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Here Today  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Here's Where You Belong  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Hey Baby (They're Playin' Our Song)  (2012/09/16)Buckinghams
Hey Joe  (2012/09/16)Leaves
Hey There Lonely Girl  (2012/09/16)Holman, Eddie
High On Love  (2012/09/16)Knickerbockers
Him Or Me (What's It Gonna Be)  (2005/05/04)Revere, Paul, and The Raiders
Hole In My Shoe  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Holiday  (2007/05/26)Bee Gees
Homburg  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
House For Everyone  (2012/09/16)Traffic
House Is Not A Motel, A  (2012/09/16)Love
House That Jack Built, The  (2012/09/16)Franklin, Aretha
How Can I Be Sure  (2012/09/16)Rascals
How Deep is Your Love  (2007/05/26)Bee Gees
Hungry  (2012/09/16)Revere, Paul, and The Raiders
Hurt So Bad  (2012/09/16)Little Anthony and The Imperials
II Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Any More  (2012/09/16)Rascals
I Can Only Give You Everything  (2012/09/16)Them
I Can See Clearly  (2005/03/22)Nash, Johnny
I Can't Let Go  (2012/09/16)Hollies
I Can't See Nobody  (2007/05/26)Bee Gees
I Don't Want To See You Again  (2012/09/16)Peter and Gordon
I Get Around  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
I Go To Pieces  (2005/03/22)Peter and Gordon
I Go To Pieces  (2005/03/22)Shannon, Del
I Got You Babe  (2012/09/16)Sonny and Cher
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)  (2012/09/16)Electric Prunes
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
I Know A Place  (2012/09/16)Clark, Petula
I Know There's An Answer  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
I Must Be Doing Something Right  (2012/09/16)Knickerbockers
I Must Be Seeing Things  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)  (2012/09/16)Franklin, Aretha
I Only Have Eyes For You  (2012/09/16)Flamingos
I Reach For The Light  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
I Saw Her Again  (2012/09/16)Mamas and The Papas
I Saw The Light  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
I Say A Little Prayer  (2012/09/16)Warwick, Dionne
I See The Light  (2012/09/16)Five Americans
I Started a Joke  (2007/05/26)Bee Gees
I Think We're Alone Now  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
I Wanna Be With You  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
(I Wanna) Love My Life Away  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
I Was Made To Love Her  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
I Wish You Could Be Here  (2007/05/26)Cyrkle
I'll Be Around  (2012/09/16)Spinners
I'll Be Satisfied  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
I'll Be Your Man  (2012/09/16)Association
I'm A Girl Watcher  (2012/09/16)O'Kaysions
I'm A Rocker  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
I'm Alive  (2012/09/16)Hollies
I'm Gonna Be Strong  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
I'm Henry VIII, I Am  (2012/09/16)Herman's Hermits
I'm Hurtin'  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
I'm So Proud  (2012/09/16)Impressions
I'm Still In Love With You  (2012/09/16)Green, Al
I've Got You Babe  (2012/09/16)Sonny and Cher
I've Got You Under My Skin  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
I've Gotta Get A Message To You  (2012/09/16)Bee Gees
Idaho  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be
Ingram, Luther
If You Change Your Mind  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
If You Really Love Me  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
In Dreams  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
In My Room  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
In The Midnight Hour  (2012/09/16)Pickett, Wilson
In The Navy  (2012/09/16)Village People
In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Incense And Peppermints  (2012/09/16)Strawberry Alarm Clock
Is It Any Wonder  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
It Ain't Me Babe  (2012/09/16)Turtles
It Hurts To Be In Love  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference  (2012/09/16)Rundgren, Todd
It's A Beautiful Morning  (2012/09/16)Rascals
It's A Shame  (2012/09/16)Spinners
It's All Right  (2012/09/16)Impressions
It's Cold Outside  (2012/09/16)Choir
It's My Life  (2012/09/16)Animals
It's My Party  (2012/09/16)Gore, Lesley
It's No Secret  (2012/09/16)Jefferson Airplane
It's Over  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
It's Over  (2012/09/16)Scaggs, Boz
Itchycoo Park  (2012/09/16)Small Faces
Ivy, Ivy  (2012/09/16)Left Banke
JJolly Green Giant, The  (2012/09/16)Kingsmen
Josie  (2012/09/16)Steely Dan
Journey To The Center Of The Mind  (2012/09/16)Amboy Dukes
Judy's Turn To Cry  (2012/09/16)Gore, Lesley
Jug Band Music  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Juicy John Pink  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Just A Little  (2012/09/16)Beau Brummels
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My
Condition Was In)
First Edition
Just One Smile  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
KKaleidoscope  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Keep On Pushing  (2012/09/16)Impressions
Keep Searchin'  (2012/09/16)Shannon, Del
Kicks  (2012/09/16)Revere, Paul, and The Raiders
Kind Of A Drag  (2012/09/16)Buckinghams
King Midas In Reverse  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Kiss Me, Baby  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Kitty's Back  (2012/09/16)Springsteen, Bruce
Knight in Rusty Armour  (2012/09/16)Peter and Gordon
LLa - La - Means I Love You  (2012/09/16)Delfonics
Lady-O  (2012/09/16)Turtles
Last Chance To Turn Around  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Laugh Laugh  (2012/09/16)Beau Brummels
Laughing  (2012/09/16)Guess Who
Laurie (Strange Things Happen)  (2012/09/16)Lee, Dickey
Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)  (2012/09/16)Hombres
Let It Rain  (2012/09/16)Clapton, Eric
Let Me Be  (2012/09/16)Turtles
Let's Go Away For Awhile  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Let's Hang On  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Let's Live For Today  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Let's Pretend  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Let's Stay Together  (2012/09/16)Green, Al
Lets Go Get Stoned  (2012/09/16)Charles, Ray
Liar, Liar  (2012/09/16)Castaways
Lido Shuffle  (2012/09/16)Scaggs, Boz
Lies  (2012/09/16)Knickerbockers
Lightnin' Strikes  (2012/09/16)Christie, Lou
Lights Went Out In) Massachusetts, The  (2007/05/26)Bee Gees
Like Always  (2012/09/16)Association
Like To Get To Know You  (2012/09/16)Spanky and Our Gang
Little Bit O'Soul  (2012/09/16)Music Explosion
Little Black Egg, The  (2012/09/16)Nightcrawlers
Little Girl  (2012/09/16)Syndicate Of Sound
Little Girl I Once Knew, The  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Little Old Lady From Pasadena, The  (2012/09/16)Jan and Dean
Live and Let Live  (2012/09/16)Love
Lonely Teardrops  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
Lonely Too Long  (2012/09/16)Rascals
Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Long Dark Road  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Look Of Love  (2012/09/16)Gore, Lesley
Look Through Any Window  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Look Through My Window  (2012/09/16)Mamas and The Papas
Looking Glass  (2012/09/16)Association
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Louie Louie  (2012/09/16)Kingsmen
Louie Louie (lyrics)  (2012/09/16)Kingsmen
Love And Happiness  (2007/03/23)Green, Al
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing  (2012/09/16)Rawls, Lou
Love Is Here And Now You're Gone  (2012/09/16)Supremes
Love Letters  (2012/09/16)Lester, Ketty
Love Makes A Woman  (2012/09/16)Acklin, Barbara
Love Makes The World Go Round  (2012/09/16)Jackson, Deon
Love On A Two-Way Street  (2012/09/16)Moments
Love Potion Number Nine  (2012/09/16)Searchers
Love Seems Doomed  (2012/09/16)Blues Magoos
Love The One You're With  (2005/03/25)Stills, Stephen
Love Train  (2012/09/16)O'Jays
Love's Lines, Angles, and Rhymes  (2012/09/16)5th Dimension
Lovin' Things  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Lowdown  (2012/09/16)Scaggs, Boz
MMagic Town  (2012/09/16)Vogues
Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice  (2012/09/16)Mouse
Make It Easy On Yourself  (2012/09/16)Walker Bros.
Marlena  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Master Jack  (2012/09/16)Four Jacks and A Jill
Maybe After He's Gone  (2007/05/26)Zombies
Maybe I Know  (2012/09/16)Gore, Lesley
Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between
Clark and Hilldale
Me And Mrs. Jones  (2006/09/09)Paul, Billy
Mecca  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Medicated Goo  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Meditation  (2005/03/22)Sinatra, Frank
Mercy Mercy Mercy  (2012/09/16)Buckinghams
Message Of Our Love  (2012/09/16)Association
Message To Pretty, A  (2012/09/16)Love
Midnight Confessions  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Milk Of Human Kindness  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Mirage  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
Mirror Of Your Mind  (2012/09/16)We The People
Mr. Dieingly Sad  (2012/09/16)Critters
Mr. Nobody  (2012/09/16)Standells
Mrs. Stately's Garden  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Monday, Monday  (2012/09/16)Mamas and The Papas
Monkees Theme  (2005/03/25)Monkees
Monkey Time  (2012/09/16)Lance, Major
Monterey  (2012/09/16)Animals
Moon River  (2012/09/16)R.E.M.
Moulty  (2012/09/16)Barbarians
My Cherie Amour  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
My Flash On You  (2012/09/16)Love
My Little Red Book  (2012/09/16)Love
My Name Is Jack  (2012/09/16)Manfred Mann
My Pledge Of Love  (2012/09/16)Jeffrey, Joe
My World Fell Down  (2012/09/16)Sagittarius
NNashville Cats  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Needles And Pins  (2012/09/16)Searchers
Never My Love  (2012/09/16)Association
New York Mining Disaster 1941  (2007/05/26)Bee Gees
New York's A Lonely Town  (2012/09/16)Tradewinds
No Fair At All  (2012/09/16)Association
No Good To Cry  (2005/03/22)Wildweeds
No Pity (In The Naked City)  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
No Sugar Tonight  (2012/09/16)Guess Who
No Time  (2012/09/16)Guess Who
No Time Like The Right Time  (2012/09/16)Blues Project
Nobody I Know  (2012/09/16)Peter and Gordon
Nobody Knows  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Nothing Takes The Place Of You  (2012/09/16)McCall, Toussaint
Nothing's Too Good For My Baby  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
OOh Girl  (2012/09/16)Chi Lites
Oh How Happy  (2012/09/16)Shades Of Blue
(Oh) Pretty Woman  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Old Man  (2012/09/16)Love
On A Carousel  (2012/09/16)Hollies
On A Quiet Night  (2012/09/16)Association
On Broadway  (2012/09/16)Drifters
On The Beach  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
One By One  (2012/09/16)Blues Magoos
One Less Bell To Answer  (2012/09/16)5th Dimension
One Of A Kind (Love Affair)  (2012/09/16)Spinners
One Too Many Mornings  (2012/09/16)Association
One Track Mind  (2012/09/16)Knickerbockers
Only In America  (2012/09/16)Jay and The Americans
Only Love Can Break A Heart  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Only One Winner  (2007/05/26)Nazz
Only The Lonely  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Ooh Child  (2012/09/16)Five Stairsteps
Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Orange Crate Art  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Orange Skies  (2012/09/16)Love
Out Of The Blue  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
Outside Chance  (2012/09/16)Turtles
Outside The Gates Of Cerdes  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Over, Under, Sideways, Down  (2012/09/16)Yardbirds
Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
PPandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies  (2012/09/16)Association
Paper Sun  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Party's Over  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Patches  (2012/09/16)Lee, Dickey
Pay You Back With Interest  (2012/09/16)Hollies
People Get Ready  (2012/09/16)Impressions
People Got To Be Free  (2012/09/16)Rascals
Pied Piper, The  (2012/09/16)St. Peters, Crispian
Pilgrims Progress  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Pipe Dream  (2012/09/16)Blues Magoos
Play On  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Pleasant Valley Sunday  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Please Come Home For Christmas  (2012/09/16)Eagles
Please Let Me Wonder  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Poor Jenny  (2012/09/16)Everly Brothers
Poor Side Of Town  (2012/09/16)Rivers, Johnny
Porpoise Song, The  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Poverty Train  (2012/09/16)Nyro, Laura
Pretty Ballerina  (2012/09/16)Left Banke
Psychotic Reaction  (2012/09/16)Count Five
Public Execution, A  (2012/09/16)Mouse
Pucker Up Buttercup  (2005/03/21)Walker, Jr., and The All Stars
Pushin' Too Hard  (2008/10/16)Seeds
QQue Vida!  (2012/09/16)Love
RRag Doll  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Rain Dance  (2012/09/16)Guess Who
Rain On The Roof  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Ray Of Hope, A  (2012/09/16)Rascals
Reach Out I'll Be There  (2012/09/16)Four Tops
Red Telephone, The  (2012/09/16)Love
Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want
To Meet)
Wilson, Jackie
Reflections  (2012/09/16)Supremes
Remember  (2012/09/16)Association
Reminiscing  (2012/09/16)Little River Band
Requiem For The Masses  (2012/09/16)Association
Rescue Me  (2012/09/16)Bass, Fontella
Respect  (2012/09/16)Franklin, Aretha
Rhapsody In The Rain  (2012/09/16)Christie, Lou
Ride Away  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
Ride The Wild Surf  (2012/09/16)Jan and Dean
Riot On Sunset Strip  (2012/09/16)Standells
River Is Wide, The  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Ronnie  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Rose Coloured Glasses  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Rose For Emily, A  (2012/09/16)Zombies
Round Again  (2012/09/16)Association
Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue  (2012/09/16)Knickerbockers
Runaway  (2012/09/16)Shannon, Del
Running Scared  (2012/09/16)Orbison, Roy
SSail On Sailor  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Salad Days Are Here Again  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Salty Dog  (2012/02/19)Procol Harum
San Franciscan Nights  (2012/09/16)Animals
San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)  (2012/09/16)Fever Tree
Sandy  (2012/09/16)Ronny and The Daytonas
Save It For Me  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Say I Am (What I Am)  (2012/09/16)James, Tommy, and The Shondells
Searching For My Love  (2012/09/16)Moore, Bobby
See You In September  (2012/09/16)Happenings
Send One Your Love  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
7 And 7 Is  (2012/09/16)Love
7 Rooms Of Gloom  (2012/09/16)Four Tops
7:30 Guided Tour  (2012/09/16)Five Americans
Sha La La  (2012/09/16)Manfred Mann
Shadow Of Your Smile, The  (2012/09/16)Bennett, Tony
Shanghai Noodle Factory  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Shape Of Things To Come  (2012/09/16)Frost, Max
Shapes Of Things  (2012/09/16)Yardbirds
Share The Land  (2005/03/22)Guess Who
She Comes In Colors  (2012/09/16)Love
She Knows Me Too Well  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
She Loves You  (2012/09/16)Beatles
She Wandered Through The Garden Fence  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
She'd Rather Be With Me  (2012/09/16)Turtles
(She's A) Heartbreaker  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
She's Just My Style  (2012/09/16)Lewis, Gary, and The Playboys
She's My Girl  (2012/09/16)Turtles
She's Not There  (2012/09/16)Zombies
Sherry  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Shine On Brightly  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Show And Tell  (2005/03/22)Wilson, Al
Signed D.C.  (2012/09/16)Love
Silence Is Golden  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Sir Duke  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
Sitting On The Dock  (2012/09/16)Redding, Otis
Six Man Band  (2012/09/16)Association
Six O'Clock  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Sky Pilot  (2012/09/16)Animals
Sloop John B  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Smiling Phases  (2012/09/16)Traffic
So Lonely  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Softly To Me  (2012/09/16)Love
Somebody Made For Me  (2012/09/16)Rhodes, Emitt
Somebody To Love  (2012/09/16)Jefferson Airplane
Someday Man  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Someday We're Gonna Love Again  (2012/09/16)Searchers
Something Following Me  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Something On Her Mind  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White  (2012/09/16)Standells
Sometimes You Just Can't Win  (2012/09/16)Mouse
Son Of A Preacher Man  (2012/09/16)Springfield, Dusty
Sooner Or Later  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Sorry Suzanne  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Soul Man  (2012/09/16)Sam and Dave
Spinning Wheel  (2012/09/16)Blood, Sweat and Tears
Spooky  (2012/09/16)Classics IV
Stairway To Heaven  (2012/09/16)Sedaka, Neil
Standing In The Shadows Of Love  (2012/09/16)Four Tops
Standing Still  (2012/09/16)Association
Starting Over  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Stay With Me  (2012/09/16)Ellison, Lorraine
Steppin' Out  (2012/09/16)Revere, Paul, and The Raiders
Stoned Soul Picnic  (2012/09/16)Nyro, Laura
Stormy  (2012/09/16)Classics IV
Stranger In Town  (2012/09/16)Shannon, Del
Strychnine  (2012/09/16)Sonics
Summer in the City  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
Summer Is The Man  (2012/09/16)Blues Magoos
Summer Nights  (2012/09/16)Faithfull, Marianne
Summertime  (2012/09/16)Stewart, Billy
Sunny  (2012/09/16)Hebb, Bobby
Sunny Afternoon  (2012/09/16)Kinks
Surf City  (2012/09/16)Jan and Dean
Surfer Girl  (2005/03/22)Beach Boys
Surfin' Bird  (2012/09/16)Trashmen
Susan  (2012/09/16)Buckinghams
TTake Me For What I'm Worth  (2012/09/16)Searchers
Take The Hand  (2007/05/26)Nazz
Talk Talk  (2012/09/16)Music Machine
Tapioca Tundra  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Tear Drop City  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Tear Drops  (2012/09/16)Andrews, Lee
Tell Ann I Love Her  (2012/09/16)Five Americans
Tell Her No  (2012/09/16)Zombies
Tell It Like It Is  (2005/03/22)Neville, Aaron
Tell It To The Rain  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Temptation 'Bout To Get Me  (2012/09/16)Knight Brothers
Temptation Eyes  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Tempted  (2012/09/16)Squeeze
That Thing You Do!  (2012/09/16)Wonders
That's Cool, That's Trash  (2012/09/16)Kingsmen
That's Not Me  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
That's Why (I Love You So)  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Then Came You  (2012/09/16)Spinners
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye  (2012/09/16)Casinos
These Eyes  (2012/09/16)Guess Who
They Just Can't Stop It The (Games People
Things I Should Have Said  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Things I'd Like To Say  (2022/08/01)New Colony Six
This Diamond Ring  (2012/09/16)Lewis, Gary, and The Playboys
This Is My Country  (2012/09/16)Impressions
Three Fifths Of A Mile  (2012/09/16)Jefferson Airplane
Time For Livin'  (2012/09/16)Association
Time It Is Today, The  (2012/09/16)Association
Time Of The Season  (2012/09/16)Zombies
Time Won't Let Me  (2012/09/16)Outsiders
Timothy  (2012/09/16)Buoys
Tip Of My Tongue  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
To Be Loved  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
To Love Somebody  (2005/03/22)Bee Gees
Tomorrow  (2012/09/16)Strawberry Alarm Clock
Tonight  (2012/09/16)Raspberries
Too Much Between Us  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Town Without Pity  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Toy Soldier  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Traces  (2012/09/16)Classics IV
Tracy  (2005/05/04)Cuff Links
Treat Her Like A Lady  (2012/09/16)Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose
True Love Never Runs Smooth  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Try It  (2012/09/16)Standells
Turn Down Day  (2012/09/16)Cyrkle
Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa  (2012/09/16)Pitney, Gene
Twistin' The Night Away  (2010/10/21)Cooke, Sam
Two Divided By Love  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
UUm, Um, Um  (2012/09/16)Lance, Major
Under My Thumb  (2012/09/16)Rolling Stones
Undun  (2012/09/16)Guess Who
Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm
Gonna Do)
Franklin, Aretha
Up, Up, and Away  (2012/09/16)5th Dimension
VValleri  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Voice Your Choice  (2012/09/16)Radiants
WWait A Million Years  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Wake The World  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Wake Up, Wake Up  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Walk Away Renee  (2012/09/16)Left Banke
Walk Like a Man  (2007/05/26)4 Seasons
Walk On By  (2012/09/16)Warwick, Dionne
Walk On The Wild Side  (2012/09/16)Reed, Lou
Warmth Of The Sun, The  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Wasn't It A Bit Like Now (Parallel '23)  (2012/09/16)Association
Watch Her Ride  (2012/09/16)Jefferson Airplane
We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet  (2012/09/16)Blues Magoos
We Can't Go On This Way  (2012/09/16)Teddy and The Pandas
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place  (2012/09/16)Animals
We Gotta Get You A Woman  (2012/09/16)Rundgren, Todd
We Love Us  (2012/09/16)Association
We're All Alone  (2012/09/16)Scaggs, Boz
We're Gonna Make It  (2012/09/16)Little Milton
Western Union  (2012/09/16)Five Americans
What A Girl Can't Do  (2012/09/16)Hangmen
What Do You Want The Girl To Do  (2012/09/16)Scaggs, Boz
What Have They Done To The Rain  (2012/09/16)Searchers
What The World Needs Now  (2012/09/16)Warwick, Dionne
What You Won't Do For Love  (2012/09/16)Caldwell, Bobby
When I Die  (2012/09/16)Motherlode
When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
When I Want To Know  (2012/09/16)Remains
When I Was Young  (2012/09/16)Animals
When You Walk In The Room  (2012/09/16)Searchers
Where Or When  (2012/09/16)Dion and The Belmonts
Where Were You When I Needed You  (2012/09/16)Grass Roots
Whiskey Train  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
Whispers (Gettin' Louder)  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring  (2012/09/16)Traffic
Who Loves You  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Who's Making Love  (2012/09/16)Taylor, Johnny
Why Do I Cry  (2012/09/16)Remains
Wild Billy's Circus Story  (2005/03/22)Springsteen, Bruce
Wild Honey  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Wild Thing  (2012/09/16)Troggs
Will You Love Me Tomorrow  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Willow Weep For Me  (2012/09/16)Chad and Jeremy
Windy  (2012/09/16)Association
Wishin' and Hopin'  (2012/09/16)Springfield, Dusty
With My Face On The Floor  (2012/09/16)Rhodes, Emitt
Woman  (2012/09/16)Peter and Gordon
Woman, A Lover, A Friend, A  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
Woman's Got Soul  (2012/09/16)Impressions
Wonder What You'll Be  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
Wonderful  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Words  (2012/09/16)Bee Gees
Words  (2012/09/16)Monkees
Words Of Love  (2012/09/16)Mamas and The Papas
Working My Way Back To You  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
World Of Fantasy  (2012/09/16)Five Stairsteps
World Without Love  (2012/09/16)Peter and Gordon
Worst That Could Happen  (2012/09/16)Brooklyn Bridge
Wouldn't It Be Nice  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
Wreck Of The Hesperus  (2005/03/22)Procol Harum
YY.M.C.A.  (2012/09/16)Village People
Yes I Will (I'll Be True To You)  (2012/09/16)Hollies
Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday  (2012/09/16)Wonder, Stevie
You Are Everything  (2012/09/16)Stylistics
You Baby  (2012/09/16)Turtles
You Didn't Have To Be So Nice  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
You Don't Own Me  (2012/09/16)Gore, Lesley
You, I  (2012/09/16)Rugbys
You I'll Be Following  (2012/09/16)Love
You Know What I Mean  (2012/09/16)Turtles
You Make Me Feel Brand New  (2012/09/16)Stylistics
You Must Believe Me  (2012/09/16)Impressions
You Set The Scene  (2012/09/16)Love
You Showed Me  (2012/09/16)Turtles
You Still Believe In Me  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
You Tell Me Why  (2007/05/26)Beau Brummels
You Were On My Mind  (2012/09/16)We Five
You'll Be A Woman Soon  (2012/09/16)Diamond, Neil
You're All I Need To Get By  (2012/09/16)Gaye, Marvin, and Tammi Terrell
(You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself  (2012/09/16)4 Seasons
You're Gonna Miss Me  (2012/09/16)13th Floor Elevators
You're My Everything  (2005/03/22)Temptations
You're The One  (2012/09/16)Vogues
You've Been Cheatin'  (2012/09/16)Impressions
You've Got Your Head On Backwards  (2012/09/16)Sonics
You've Got Your Troubles  (2012/09/16)Fortunes
You've Made Me So Very Happy  (2012/09/16)Blood, Sweat and Tears
Younger Girl  (2012/09/16)Lovin' Spoonful
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher  (2012/09/16)Wilson, Jackie
Your Mind And We Belong Together  (2012/09/16)Love
Your Own Love  (2012/09/16)Association
Your Summer Dream  (2012/09/16)Beach Boys
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